Monument Styles

Pillow Style Monuments | View Gallery

Pillow style granite monument

Pillow style monuments are a low profile monument where the higher back slopes to the lower front. In most cases, the slope is either 8" in the back to 5" in the front or 6" in the back to 4" in the front. On a pillow style monument different areas can be polished, for example:

  • top only (Polish 1)
  • top, back and front (Polish 3)
  • top, back, front and sides (Polish 5)

Lettering can be applied to polished sides. Various sizes available. Size is best determined when it is known whether one of more persons will be memorialized on the monument. In addition, they can be installed with or without a granite base.

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Upright Monuments | View Gallery

Upright style granite monuments

Upright monuments are taller and more visible style that can be used to memorialize one or more of your loved ones depending on the size selected.

This style most commonly has:

  • front and back polished (Polish 2)
  • front, back and top polished (Polish 3)
  • front, back, top and sides polished (Polish 5)

Through our artistic design, granite colour advice and your choice of words, we can assist you in providing everlasting remembrance of your loved one.

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Special Shape Monuments | View Gallery

Special shaped updright granite monument

Upright monuments of special shapes are a mild to moderate variation from the traditional upright styles. Through various sizes, shapes and granite colors, our selection allows the freedom of choosing a custom style and design which best provides an everlasting remembrance of a loved one's personal characteristics.

To assist you in your selection, we have new shapes arriving at our shop on a regular basis.

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Ground Level Markers | View Gallery

Ground marker granite monument

A Ground Level Marker is set flush to the ground. These are available in various sizes and colors of granite to memorialize a loved one. They can either be placed at the head of the cemetery plot or within the body of an existing plot.

Certain cemetery restrictions only allow the installation of the ground level markers.

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