Other Cemetery Products

Flower Vases

We offer various memorial vases in a range of styles, sizes and colours as shown below. Each vase has a baked on finish using metal flake colours to give it a granite matching appearance. Click here to view available colours.

Granite Flower Vases

Shown below are some types of granite flower vases. Other styles and shapes are also available. These vases can be supplied in any granite colour of your choice.

Porcelain Photos

Memorialize and remember your loved one by placing a porcelain photo on a monument of your choice. Choose between B & W or colour in a selection of sizes.

Now available. Three dimensional images of the person(s).

Veteran Memorials

Veteran Memorials are available in two colours: Light Barre Grey and Stanstead Grey. Specifications established by the Government of Canada and certain cemeteries restrict the style of Veteran Memorials that can be installed. In some instances, there can be cemetery restrictions regarding type of font and choice of words.

Bronze Markers

In some cemeteries, only bronze markers are acceptable. All of our bronze markers meet or exceed the content specifications. Various sizes and designs are available to memorialize your loved one.

Laser Etchings

Portraits or scenery can be laser etched onto any monument. We have access to a catalogue of various images and scenery to choose from. For custom etchings, a good quality photo must be supplied and will be returned in it's original condition upon completion of the job. The charge for this service is subject to quotation.

In Cemetery Inscriptions

Our qualified staff are able to provide on-site engraving in any cemetery. We are able to match the existing letter style and size, which may already be on the monument. The charges for this service are based on the number of letters and any mileage that is required.

Niche Plate Engraving

In instances where columbariums have granite doors on the front of the niche, we are available to provide our expertise in designing and assisting with your choice of words to be engraved onto these granite doors. In some cases, cemetery regulations can restrict the type of font and spacing requirements.

Matching Granite Bases

Granite Bases that match the color of the monument are available at an extra cost. These can be used instead of the more commonly used grey granite bases.